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Summer Blueberry Season, July 1st - September 20th 2019



Starline Foods is operated by farmers that have 50+ years of experience in the blueberry industry. After many years of dedication, Starline Foods has shown the world how much quality matters. Whether its frozen or fresh berries, Starline Foods always goes the extra mile to keep the relationship thriving between the farmers and labels.




  1. When picking berries please pick again by the 10th day after your first pick, and please follow this time frame again if you intend to do any more picks. We “Starline Foods” find that after the 10th day period, the blueberries start to form very soft. This creates mushy and leaky berry due to the softness, and after the 10th day from the initial pick, we tend to find a lot of SWD!
  2. Spraying is important, so we will now be doing unnotified farm visits to check up on your fields to ensure they meet our standards and standard food regulations.
  3. Please try to only use our Starline Foods Inc. blue lugs.
  4. Do not fill up our Starline Foods Blueberry lugs completely to the top (this helps improve the overall quality of the berry and it is easy to handle without spilling berries).



  1. DO NOT leave the blueberries sitting in the sun for more than 3 hours, if this happens the quality of the berry significantly decreases.! Any completed pallets of blueberries should be kept under a shaded area.
  2. If you do not have a shaded area, please bring any completed berries to the Starline Foods ASAP!


Fresh Blueberry

We use the best in automated technology to optimize our packaging process and adhere to the strict quality control standards we have set in place.

Fresh Blueberry Packing Sizes

  • 12 by 4.4 oz clamshell
  • 12 by 6 oz clamshell
  • 12 by 1 dry pint
  • 8 by 18 oz clamshell
  • 4 by 2 lb
  • 8 by 1 lb

Frozen Blueberry

Our frozen blueberry is graded to strict quality standards. Our unique processing techniques allow us to seal in the juices and natural flavors of the berries while maintaining the original shape of each berry. Our IQF Blueberries are packed in corrugated fiber cartons or resealable poly bags. This ensures that each IQF berry is “fresh frozen” and protected from damage or shipping shock.

We have 3 grades of frozen which are; large, small and assorted.

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Blueberries

  • IQF Large – 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Medium 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Small – 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Assorted – 30lb case or 1500lb totes
  • IQF Polybag sizes ranges between 600 gram to 2.2 kgs or 5 lbs
  • Other sizes are available (Please send a inquiry)

Case Frozen

  • Canada Grade A 30lb Case size graded
  • Canada Grade B 30lb Case size graded
  • Blueberry Juice Stock 350lb drum
  • Blueberry Puree Stock 350lb drum

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